Refund Policy

Unfortunately, because chocolate is so perishable, we cannot accept any returns. Your chocolate was shipped in packaging that reflects the highest concern for its protection from heat during shipping. However, sometimes in extreme heat conditions, the chocolate will melt. If this is the case, please put the bars in your refrigerator. When they re-harden, they will have lost their original form, but will retain the same quality of taste as they had originally.

In addition, please accept that some chocolate bloom (whitening of the chocolate) is a natural occurrence due to temperature changes during shipment, or after it arrives at your home. It is simply the separation of the cocoa butter from the cocoa solids, with the resulting migration of the white cocoa butter to the surface of the bar. Sometimes, this effect will self-correct as it may restabilize in your home or refrigerator. Other than a less-than-perfect visual look, chocolate bloom tastes just the same as before it bloomed, and it is perfectly edible. 

Thank you for your understanding of this feature of chocolate.