Peppermint Nibs
Peppermint Nibs

Peppermint Nibs

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For peppermint lovers, real organic peppermint leaves are infused into the molten chocolate in a 72 hour grind in our custom made stone melangers. As the chocolate is cooling, additional peppermint extract is added, along with roasted cacao nibs, to produce a gourmet chocolate bar that is both a crunchy and minty delight. At only 6 grams of organic sugar/oz., this low sugar chocolate bar is smartly sweetened with 50 MV monk fruit extract.

Customer Reviews

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David Levy
Its good, but there are others I like more

This is a good flavor, but not overly minty. I think that the competition generally does better with this flavor. There are other flavors that I think are truly excellent, so I will put this in the good to very good category but not great.


Wonderful blend of chocolate and peppermint.

Lynda LeMole
Love CacaoMeow chocolate

Best healthy Cacao Bars Yummmm

Michelle H
My Fav!!

Love this flavor, about to order more!

Joy Eriksen
Amazing Pepperment Crunch

I was in a coffee shop yesterday, which is interesting as I don't drink coffee, and I found a chocolate bar called Cacao's Meow. Now, I am not a cat person but I found the name cute. I am very fussy about the chocolate that I eat as I don't like sweet things. I saw that it was low sugar and hand crafted so I had to buy one. I finally had some this evening and this has got to be the best bar I have ever had. Just the right amount of mint, I love mint, and the chocolate is not too sweet. I will be a very willing customer. Thanks for this.