Our Deep Flavor Infusion Process

     What makes Cacao's Meow chocolate flavors so robust? We take the actual whole spice or herb and infuse it into the molten chocolate for the full 72 hour grind process in our stone melangers. That rich coffee taste in "Coffee Almond" flavor is not brewed and freeze-dried coffee, but the actual high quality medium roast coffee beans infused into the chocolate with fresh roasted chopped California almonds. That bright cinnamon flavor of our "Cinnamon Hazelnut" is real sticks of cinnamon ground into the chocolate, with added chopped fresh hazelnuts from Oregon. "Lemon Lavendar" flavor uses real food-grade lavendar pedals from France. "Orange Cashew" infuses the orange zest peel of sweet oranges and adds fresh chopped cashews. These flavors can't be beat, because they are the real thing!