Coming in 2020 - Pure Keto Bars

         As explained in "About Us," I have become a strong advocate for the ketogenic diet due to its miraculous success in improving my health after recovering from two very serious health challenges. Cacao's Meow Pure Keto line of chocolate now under development will boast only 3 Net Carbs per oz. with a well balanced Macro profile. Each bar will have a higher concentration of organic plant fat from additional cocoa butter, be fortified with balanced plant protein (brown rice plus pea protein for best amino acid profile), and have additional probiotic fiber from organic Acacia fiber! There will be a total of 14 grams of plant protein per bar and it will be completely sugar-free. The sweetness will come from monk fruit and non-GMO erythritol (see Wikipedia's "erythritol").  Look for it soon!